Christina Vyzas

Through My Lens

Welcome!  I am so glad that you have visited my website. I developed this website to exhibit some of my favorite photographs and to share them with friends, family and other photography enthusiasts like myself.   I am currently a high school senior, and became interested in photography 3 years ago.  During this time, I have travelled to places near and far, enabling me to build a diverse array of subject material.  My photos represent subjects from the beach in New Jersey, the mountains in Pennsylvania and upstate New York, Manhattan, and Arizona.  
There are also subjects from various locations in Italy, Japan, and Lithuania. In addition to my love of photography, I enjoy a love of travel and world exploration.The inspiration for the design of my website, originates from the seasons. I have chosen the seasons as a backdrop for my exhibition because the seasons are an intrinsic part of life in the Northeast where I live and represent the cycle of nature and life itself. My work is organized by subject category into:  People, Flowers, Places and Things.  Each subject category is represented by a Season:  Frozen in Time (Winter), Evolve(Spring), Solstice (Summer) and Wither (Fall). These four categories represent the body of my craft, and will hopefully succeed in offering the viewer a look at life through my lens.